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  1. 'Green' Renewable Chemicals and Materials from Forestry and Aquaculture byproducts
  2. An action plan for community organizations: how to better engage youth volunteers in leadership positions
  3. Addressing Demographic Change on the Burin Peninsula: Population Attraction and Retention
  4. Addressing the challenge of recruiting volunteers in the Discovery Zone
  5. The advantages and disadvantages of concrete roads versus asphalt roads
  6. Alex Millar's Art that recorded the forest fire of 1961 in Newfounland
  7. Aligning the Provincial Winter Tourism Policies with Communities
  8. Alternate Energy Sources
  9. Alternative Crafts Promotion
  10. Alternative Energy generation for Elaine Dobbin Centre for Autism Greenhouse
  11. Alternative routes for freight Shipments to Newfoundland and Labrador
  12. Analysis of data resulting from Provincial Health Line calls
  13. Analysis of entrepreneur supports on the Northeast Avalon
  14. Analysis of remote location service delivery
  15. Annual Geologist Event in Southwest Newfoundland (Regional Economic Development Zones 9 and 10)
  16. Antioxidant opportunities for berries and plants
  17. Application and process of improving records management
  18. Apprenticeship System Evolution: Barriers and Opportunities
  19. Aquaculture Feed Bag Waste Management
  20. Assemble and organise natural history research materials in preparation for producing interpretive materials for visitors to Fogo Island and Change Islands
  21. Assess Impact of Demise of Regional Economic Development Boards
  22. Assessing the Labrador Island Transmission Link impact on roads and communities
  23. Assessment of effects of climate change on Labrador West
  24. Atlantic Aboriginal Community Data Collection on Economic Development - Call for Aboriginal Researchers
  25. Atlantic Salmon and Arctic Char Traditional Knowledge Report
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