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  1. Labrador Communities and Climate Change: Two funded graduate student (MA) positions
  2. Labrador Transmission Link - Labrador Straits Fish Harvesters EIS Review
  3. Labrador West water table modelling
  4. Labrador/Island Transmission Link: Environmental Assessment Review and impact on municipal and public infrastructure in the Labrador Straits region
  5. Labrador/Island Transmission Link: Environmental Assessment Review and impact on tourism industry in the Labrador Straits region
  6. Land survey of usable agricultural land
  7. Land use and ownership information system
  8. Large scale peat sewage treatment for small and medium size communities
  9. Leadership training for local organizations on the Southwest Avalon
  10. Learning Experiences at Memorial for Exploits Valley Students
  11. Lessons Learned in community engagement in wellness from the School of Pharmacy
  12. Levels of Resource Support for Arts in Newfoundland and Labrador
  13. Leveraging part-time residents as volunteers
  14. Link Between the Coast of Bays and the Burin Peninsula
  15. Liquid Kelp Concentrate soil conditioner and foliar spray
  16. Little Bay Islands -- Assessing Potential to Develop a Small Boat Building Industry
  17. Living RICH: Living, Celebrating and Sharing the Rural Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Avalon Gateway Region.
  18. Living Rural: Exploring the Benefits of Living in Rural Newfoundland and Labrador
  19. Long Term Study of Fisheries and Aquaculture Industries in the Coast of Bays
  20. Mandatory food components as part of Education internships
  21. Manuels River Local History Project
  22. Mapping a multi-use trail that encircles the Burin Peninsula
  23. Mapping public wifi access spots across the province
  24. Marine and fisheries infrastructure needs assessment
  25. Marine Field Technician
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