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  1. Marine Protected Area designation for Bonne Bay area
  2. Marine Research Associate
  3. Market Readiness Exercise with the Tourism Sector in the Coast of Bays Region.
  4. Marketing Memorial's Outreach Programs
  5. Marketing Memorial's Outreach Programs
  6. Marketing the Limestone Barrens: An Assessment of Marketing and Collaboration Opportunities for the Limestone Barrens, Great Northern Peninsula (GNP), Newfoundland
  7. Maternal Diet and Health of the Offspring
  8. Maximizing benefits of fish processing for the region
  9. Medical Resident Initiative
  10. Mental health indicators for laid-off long distance commuters
  11. Mental health resources for classroom teachers
  12. Mental Health tool kit for service providers
  13. Metal-catalyzed polycarbonate synthesis from CO2
  14. Methane Recapture for Greenhouse Development
  15. Mobile TV meets Semantic Web
  16. Model for creating a more effective School Career Development Program: integrating reflection
  17. A model to share development information confidentially
  18. MUN – CNA partnership to develop practical agricultural education program
  19. Municipal infrastructure upgrading: preventing future pipe freezing on the Northern Peninsula
  20. Natural Asset Inventory for Bauline, Flatrock and Pouch Cove
  21. Navigator model for connecting mental health service providers.
  22. Negotiating benefits from industrial development
  23. Networking municipalities on the Southwest Avalon for better regional development
  24. New Ideas for Growing Tourism in the Kittiwake Coast Region
  25. Non-destructive testing for aerospace/marine sectors
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