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  1. Non-precious metal catalysts for organic synthesis
  2. Northern Peninsula East Heritage Corridor
  3. Nutraceutical Research on Local Berries in Central Labrador for the Development of New Activities in the Region
  4. Operational Cost Analysis
  5. Opportunities for social enterprise in the tourism industry on the Burin Peninsula
  6. Organic Agriculture Workshops
  7. Organized Labor Practises Towards New Entry into Industry
  8. Packaging regional tourism offered in rural areas
  9. Partnership Between the Irish Loop, Zone 20 and the International Business Community.
  10. Partnership to evaluate the feasibility of growing of non-traditional food crops in Newfoundland and Labrador
  11. Partnership with Grenfell’s Theatre Program
  12. Passing along traditional crafts to youth
  13. Pipeline of Communication
  14. Placentia Bay Integrated Management Committee Sources of Regional Governance Support with loss of Regional Economic Development Boards
  15. Placing value on natural resources
  16. Planning and projecting the economic impacts of mining
  17. Planning for the Booms and Busts: Comparative research on mining community innovations
  18. Planning for the Future by Looking at the Present: Aquaculture's Value to the Coast of Bays Region
  19. Planning Technician education opportunities at Memorial University
  20. Portugal Cove-St. Philip's Heritage Researcher/Writer
  21. Possible impacts of an economic downturn in Alberta for Newfoundland and Labrador
  22. Potential for Unused Natural Resources
  23. Presenting provincial and federal government with the evidence of social determinants of health
  24. Preserving the Cultural Heritage of Bay St. George Buildings
  25. Production of an Archival CD of Music and Storytelling From the Irish Loop Region, Based on Archival Recordings
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