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  1. Promoting Art Through Information Technology (E-commerce) in the Coast of Bays Region
  2. Promotion of
  3. Proposal for Research into Intersection of Immigration, Housing and Homelessness
  4. Providing training to seniors to help them manage technology
  5. A provincial study of food waste in Newfoundland and Labrador
  6. Provision of Management Skills for Non-Profit Organizations in the Coast of Bays
  7. Provision of Management Skills for the Private Sector in the Coast of Bays
  8. Putting Sand to Work: Developing a Plan for Sand in Central Labrador
  9. Quality of life/wage levels for young, rural professionals:
  10. Quidi Vidi Village History and Folklore Project
  11. Raleigh restoration and historical society enhancement
  12. The rate of Type I diabetes in children and of Type II in the Labrador West population
  13. Real Time Tourism Websites
  14. Recreation Newfoundland and Labrador's Evaluation of the Regional Recreation Directors Program
  15. Recruiting Immigrants to Rural Regions of the Province
  16. Recruitment of professionals to rural areas
  17. Red Indian Country (Millertown Logging Division)
  18. Regional health and wellness group
  19. Regional Planning for Economic Development
  20. Relationships in Context: Exploring Social Networking Theory in Education for Central Newfoundland
  21. Research into impacts of a Guaranteed Annual Income in NL
  22. Research into pharmaceutical practices that may encourage substance abuse
  23. Research into policy recommendations for creation of a tax on foods with a high sugar content
  24. Research into Social Impact Bonds and how they can be applied to affordable housing projects for seniors
  25. Research on family volunteering and impact on children
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