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  1. Research on the history of the Autism Society of Newfoundland and Labrador
  2. Research on what motivates older workers to stay in the labor force and the effects on the region
  3. Research project on responses to mental health emergencies
  4. Researcher
  5. Researching and Developing the Mi'kmaq Burial Grounds in Gambo
  6. Researching climate change/impacts on the fish biomass in Trinity and Bonavista Bays
  7. Researching the social enterprise/co-operative business model as an opportunity for community socio-economic development
  8. Resource Needs of Artists and Arts Organizations in Newfoundland and Labrador
  9. Return on Investment for Bridging the Gap
  10. Revamping the Youth Leadership Program with the City of St. John's
  11. A review of housing needs in the medium- and long-term in Newfoundland and Labrador
  12. Revival of Traditional Craft and Art Activities on the Irish Loop
  13. Rural Place-Making in Labrador West
  14. Sapphires in Labrador
  15. Securing an Air Freight Carrier for Exporting Fish in Zone 14
  16. Seniors' program evaluation
  17. Shipping history of Placentia Bay
  18. Should We Diversify? – proposed Memorial Presents Forum
  19. Skilled Labour Shortages in Western Labrador
  20. Skilled Labour Shortages on the Great Northern Peninsula
  21. Small Steps...Big Results Physical Activity Campaign; Building Capacity Project
  22. Smart grid integrating wind and small hydro projects in Irish Loop
  23. Snapshots and Tourism Icons; Identifying, Preserving and Creating Unique Features of Newfoundland Landscape
  24. Social enterprise and provision of community based health services
  25. Social Enterprise Research / Training Materials
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