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  1. Social media awareness training for tourism front line staff in the Coast of Bays
  2. Socio-economic impacts of building a highway between the Burin Peninsula and Coast of Bays regions
  3. Socio-economic/cost-benefit analysis for retention of health experts in Rural Newfoundland
  4. Southern Labrador Community Theatre
  5. St. Lawrence International Historic Park
  6. State of Youth Homelessness in NL
  7. Statistical survey of seasonal residents in Bonavista region
  8. Strategic Planning and Proposal Writing for Coast of Bays Region
  9. Strategies for population growth: international student retention and immigrant employment
  10. Structure and strategies behind the inshore/nearshore fishery
  11. Student Connections on the Great Northern Peninsula
  12. Student Recruitment on the Great Northern Peninsula
  13. Students Making IT Work For Small Businesses in Central Newfoundland
  14. Study of Anaerobic Digester for heating Greenhouses (large scale)
  15. A study of best practices of civic engagement in resource rich communities
  16. Study of best practices related to environmental monitoring in remote mining communities
  17. A study of food preferences of consumers in Newfoundland and Labrador
  18. A study of immigrant and vulnerable populations in Lab West
  19. Study of Impact of Changes to EI System
  20. A study of innovative means of financing remote mining communities
  21. Study of temporarily and “hidden” homeless individuals on the Northeast Avalon
  22. A study of the best practices in land use planning for mining communities
  23. A study of the critical points and interventions in the life cycle of at-risk individuals
  24. Study of the health effects of mining on people living in Labrador West
  25. A study of the impacts of government policies, legislation, by-laws and programming on the development of housing in communities on the Northeast Avalon
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