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  1. Attracting Immigrants to Rural Communities with Francophone Population
  2. ATV Trailway development research
  3. Automated classification of mammograms
  4. Back at 30 Program in Labrador West
  5. Bacon-Wrapped Scallops: Tertiary Processing in the Fishing Industry
  6. Baie Verte Peninsula Multi-Use Port Feasibility Study
  7. Battle Harbour: Cultural Significance, Historic Importance and Tourism Opportunities
  8. Best practices for promoting healthy activity among children in cold and northern climates
  9. Best practices for snow removal in a northern community to preserve road quality.
  10. Best practices for succession planning in resource based economies
  11. Best practices in social enterprise applicable for the Southwest Avalon
  12. Blue berry anti-oxidant research: The gap between commercial farmers and researchers
  13. Bringing back Newfoundland and Labrador expats to the Northern Peninsula
  14. Burin Peninsula’s French Connection
  15. Can MUN Assist the Labrador West Region in Developing an Effective Tourism Website?
  16. Capital access for young entrepreneurs and small business start-ups
  17. Career Counselling and Labour Market Needs
  18. Caribou and Seal Hide Cleaning Heritage Project
  19. Catalysts for the electrochemical oxidation of organic fuels
  20. CBS residents satisfaction survey
  21. Census of municipal governments in Newfoundland and Labrador
  22. Chamber of Commerce Support in Maximizing Benefits from the Husky Project on the Southwest Avalon
  23. Collecting and preserving localized, traditional agriculture knowledge
  24. Collecting Oral Traditions on the Great Northern Peninsula
  25. Collection of Historical Information about the Great Northern Peninsula
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