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  1. Collection of population and demographic data in Labrador West
  2. Commercial Analysis of Fishing and Wildlife Enterprises in Nunatsiavut
  3. Community forestry in Newfoundland
  4. Community Gardens
  5. Community health mapping in Labrador West
  6. Community-Based Leadership and Collaborative Practices in Rural Areas
  7. Comparative Assessment of Diploid and Polyploid Physiology and Production - Cod Project (C-ADAP3T)
  8. Comparative study of municipal climate change adaptation strategies
  9. Conception Bay Central Ironworkers History
  10. Conception Bay Central Regional Services Study
  11. Conne River Atlantic Salmon Investigations with Emphasis on Assessment of Bay D’Espoir Fjord
  12. Connecting the Avalon to Bell Island via a Fixed Link
  13. Corporate Responsibility of Crown Corporations in the Coast of Bays
  14. Cost of production for dairy calves in the Southwest Newfoundland region
  15. Cost-benefit analysis of local methadone program access vs. the transportation costs to access it in St. John’s
  16. Creating a Tourism Product from Unique Weather Patterns on the Great Northern Peninsula
  17. Creating an ‘Industrial Complex’/ Mining-Metallurgy Cluster Centre in Labrador West
  18. Creating better communications between Memorial Researchers and Lab West communities
  19. Creating Opportunities in Fish Processing for the Bay St. George South to Port au Port area
  20. Creating resettlement stories from collected interviews
  21. Creating Youth-Senior Relationships
  22. Creation of a best practices toolkit for municipalities dealing with negative public response to housing developments.
  23. Creation of a community information hub
  24. Creation of a provincial agricultural council for Newfoundland and Labrador
  25. Creation of a tourism link between Southwest NL and Cape Breton Island
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