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  1. A cross-jurisdictional review of housing strategies, holistic cross-governmental collaboration.
  2. Cultivating Stewardship and Promoting Oceanographic Technology Among the Young People Around Placentia Bay
  3. Cultural Resource Management Workshop
  4. Data of Agriculture need to support Large Scale Greenhouse Development in NL
  5. Database to Access Service Industry in the Coast of Bays
  6. Dealing with signage issues in Southwest Newfoundland
  7. Defining Management Options for Coyote Predation on Sheep at Farms in the Avalon Gateway Region
  8. Delirium treatment study
  9. Designing an Alternate Ferry Design for the Strait of Belle Isle.
  10. Determine best location for a marina in New-Wes-Valley
  11. Determining the importance of volunteers to the tourism industry on the Burin Peninsula
  12. Develop a mobile application that identifies/highlights/promotes the tourism assets of the Burin Peninsula
  13. Develop and Distribute a Master Plan for the St. Vincent's Beach / Holyrood Pond Area
  14. Develop new water supply for Autism Society Community Garden
  15. Developing a model for post-high school youth engagement in careers
  16. Developing a plan for better civic engagement in rural Newfoundland and Labrador
  17. Developing Canoeing and Kayaking Related Tourism Activities
  18. Developing Communications for the Limestone Barrens Habitat Stewardship Program (LBHSP), Great Northern Peninsula (GNP), Newfoundland
  19. Developing economies of scale for potential high-yield crops
  20. Developing Kayaking Adventures in Gambo
  21. Developing Memorial's Presence in Central Newfoundland
  22. Developing training opportunities for interpreters
  23. Developing young women leaders
  24. Development of a Food Policy for Memorial University
  25. Development of a model for large agricultural infrastructure in Newfoundland and Labrador
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