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  1. Development of a paved rail bed from Holyrood to St. John’s
  2. Development of a Technology Park
  3. Development of a theatre play about the Granite Coast
  4. Development of an online, application-based tool for coordination of ridesharing and carpooling in Northeast Avalon region
  5. Development of Pond Point as a Tourism Asset for the Town of Cox's Cove
  6. Development of the Resettlement of Brakes Cove as a Cultural Tourism Asset for the Town of Cox's Cove
  7. Development of Walking Trails in Communities on the Southern Shore (Irish Loop)
  8. Development Plan for Argentia Management Authority Lands
  9. A different policy for different times
  10. Distance Education in Cultural Heritage Training
  11. Distance Education to the Fullest
  12. Driving Tour of White Bay Central
  13. Dynamic Waste Management - Reduction and Utilization of PVC Coated Polyester Tailings from Air Shelter Manufacturing
  14. E-Marketing Training for Regional Economic Zone 16 (Burin Peninsula)
  15. Economic Development Concerns/Prospects of Marine-Related Infrastructure in Western Newfoundland
  16. Economic Impact of Tourism in Western Labrador
  17. Effective community responses to housing shortages in rural areas
  18. ENACTUS for the Arts
  19. Engaging youth who NEED services
  20. Enhancing Co-op Placements in Rural Newfoundland and Labrador
  21. Enhancing inter-school collaboration for inclusion through recreation: What is the role of competitive sports in youth engagement?
  22. Ensuring availability of affordable housing on the Southwest Avalon
  23. Entrepreneurship and business training
  24. Establishing a network of Tourism ‘Ambassadors’ and transferring knowledge to a younger generation
  25. Evaluate Chamber of Commerce work on Vale development to inform future development
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