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  1. Fishbowl model for young male engagement on mental health and wellness issues
  2. Fisheries Tourism in the Coast of Bays
  3. Fixed Link across the Straits
  4. Following up: Women in trades and technology
  5. Forum to discuss housing needs for seniors living on the Northeast Avalon
  6. Freight Rail Project - Aluminium Extruded Tank Wagon
  7. The Friendly Invasion
  8. Funding Opportunities for Non-profits
  9. Gardiner Centre training for local firms
  10. Geological assessment of work done in the Coast of Bays for resource extraction
  11. Geological Research of Limestone Pavement
  12. GIS mapping project for the Indian Bay Watershed
  13. Graduate studies in Marine Biology
  14. Great Northern Peninsula Heritage Network Expansion
  15. Great Northern Peninsula Regional Historical Website
  16. Great Northern Peninsula Tourism Packages
  17. Growing Medicinal Herbs in Newfoundland
  18. Harnessing the Power of a River to Heat a Proposed Swimming Pool in Portugal Cove-St. Philip’s
  19. Health and Safety Concerns of Regional Mobility
  20. Health Conference in St. Anthony
  21. Health issues of post secondary students whose parents work away
  22. Helping Municipalities Gather Fisheries Data for the Coast of Bays
  23. Herring Fat Content Analysis
  24. Historical Shipwreck Sites in Bay St. George and Port au Port Bays.
  25. A History of Gardening and Farming in Newfoundland and Labrador
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