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  1. Horticultural Engagement for community collaboration and sustainability
  2. How can communities learn to do more without the help of government?
  3. How Do Communities on the Eastport Peninsula Work Together to Manage Their Coastal Resources?
  4. How do we ensue that benefits from industrial development accrue to the local community
  5. How to better cope with the wind in the wreck house area
  6. How to create an anchor attraction on the Burin Peninsula
  7. How to determine the economic impact of the tourism industry on the Burin Peninsula. What are the assumptions, inputs and multipliers?
  8. How to entice more young people into the tourism industry on the Burin Peninsula
  9. How to market for youth engagement in the new economy in Rural Newfoundland?
  10. How to tap into the financial and human resources of local workers who commute long distances to work
  11. HRM (Human Resource Management) Best Practices Case Studies
  12. Identification and Assessment of New Technologies Impacting the Public Water Treatment System in the Communities of Milton and George’s Brook
  13. Identification of best practices for municipal land use planning that preserve agricultural land
  14. Identification of significant geological sites in Southwest NL
  15. Identification of traditional Beothuk herbs
  16. Impact of data quantity and quality on success of homelessness initiatives
  17. The Impact of Employment Insurance on Businesses on the Great Northern Peninsula
  18. Impact of Governance Structures on Rural Community Libraries in Canada
  19. The Impact of Government Restructuring on Employment Services
  20. Impact of Out-Migration on Conne River
  21. Impact of Trans-Labrador Highway on Labrador traffic flows
  22. Impacts of Changes to the Employment Insurance System
  23. Impacts of coastal erosion on cultural heritage
  24. Impacts of International Recruitment of Skilled Trades in Labrador West
  25. Impacts of long distance commuting on seniors
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