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  1. Improved Access to Training in the Emerald Region
  2. Improving Educational Outcomes
  3. Improving Regional Collaboration in the Coast of Bays Region
  4. Improving snow clearing in zones 9 and 10
  5. Including Memorial Lay Summaries in the Kittiwake Tourism Information Binder
  6. Incompleteness of Death Registration in Ghana: The Role of Mortuaries in Death Registration
  7. Increasing local food production and decreasing importation
  8. Increasing public awareness of mental health issues in NL
  9. Increasing public engagement skills amongst medical students
  10. Increasing tourism data collection on the Burin Peninsula
  11. Increasing tourism on the Southwest Avalon: integrating the past and the present
  12. Independent Assessment of the Federal Boat Size/Safety Regulations
  13. Industrial Outreach to High Schools in Labrador West
  14. An Innovative Venture: Cultivating Wild Roses in the Avalon Gateway Region
  15. Instituting a “tourism entrepreneur-in-residence” on a seasonal basis in the Coast of Bays
  16. Integrating all forms of wellness into Wellness Cafe collaborative model for better collaboration
  17. Inventory of plants trees and vegetation
  18. Inventory of Southern Labrador business opportunities
  19. Inventory of successful programs and initiatives in terms of healthy eating and food security
  20. Keeping moose off of the highways in zones 9 and 10
  21. Knitted Crafts on the Great Northern Peninsula
  22. Knowledge transfer/capacity building for local leaders.
  23. Labour Force Attraction through Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration
  24. Labour Mis-Match in Newfoundland and Labrador: How to Match Workers with Jobs
  25. Labour Shortages Workshop
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