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Assessing the Labrador Island Transmission Link impact on roads and communities

Project Description
An environmental impact statement if underway for the proposed construction and operation of an approximately 1,100 km transmission line and associated infrastructure within and between Labrador and the Island of Newfoundland.

Further to that assessment, however, there are other questions and concerns related to the Link. A researcher, or team, could study one or more of the following concerns:

In particular, the dirt roads in the Labrador Straits region will be heavily used to transport material and equipment for the Labrador Island Transmission Link. These roads are already in poor condition and local groups are concerned that increased activity on them will make the situation even more challenging.

Another angle for this study would be to look at the impacts on the region of Cartwright. What will be the impacts on the port of Cartwight, if this port will be used to offload heavy products to be transported by road to the project site? What will be the impacts to the region of Cartwright-Lodge Bay in terms of business, infrastructure? What will be the impact on other travelers using the highway to provide essential services and visiting tourism attractions (eg. Battle Harbour National Historic Site)?

For more background on the EIS for the Labrador Island Transmission Link, visit:

Partnering Organization(s)
Lead: Roxanne Notley, Executive Director, Aurora Development Corporation

Roxanne Notley,
Ph. 709-960-0470

Lodge Bay
Zone 4 - Aurora

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Transportation and warehousing

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