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Assemble and organise natural history research materials in preparation for producing interpretive materials for visitors to Fogo Island and Change Islands

Project Description
With increasing geotourism tourism to Fogo and Change Island a need has been identified to develop explanatory interpretive materials for the benefit of tourism operators and visitors.
Geotourism sustains or enhances the geographical character of a place—its environment, culture, aesthetics, heritage.
The goal is to develop accessible, attractive, educational and enjoyable materials that will enhance the visitors knowledge and experience.
Do to this, the salient area facts of geology, botany, marine sciences, folklore..... need to be researched and combined into materials that paint a picture of how this place was formed, and how it functions as a cultural ecosystem now.

Partnering Organization(s)
Lead: Jonathan Briggs
Partner: Shorefast Foundation


Jonathan Briggs
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Fogo Island
Change Islands

Industry Sectors
Tourism (Public administration — Provincial and territorial public administration — Other provincial and territorial public administration)
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Thematic Categories
Arts, Culture & Heritage
Biodiversity (Environment and Conservation)
Tourism and Recreation
Geology (Natural Resources)