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by Mr. Bojan Fürst

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Alternative routes for freight Shipments to Newfoundland and Labrador

Project Description
St. John’s is reaching its shipping capacity. A study is needed to look at the alternative routes for freight, by looking at the economics, shipping growth rates, geography and other factors. There is a need to understand the value of our ports, although port authorities have been privatized. Is there a possibility to develop a marine port subsidy program, like exists for airports? Argentia could be considered as an alternate port. This could be connected with various departments, such as Business, Engineering, Geography, Political Science, Economics, etc. Collaborative Applied Research in Economics (CARE) could be a potential support source.

Chris Newhook, Argentia Management Authority, 709-227-5502 Ext 202,

Avalon Peninsula
Zone 18 - Avalon Gateway