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Alternative Crafts Promotion

Project Description

To explore and promote alternative craft opportunities on the Great Northern Peninsula


Currently, many crafts people on the Great Northern Peninsula do similar crafts. However, there are a number of interesting, unique craft opportunities that could be explored by people in the area. By focusing on these alternatives and marketing them in specific areas, each area is building a unique character, thus giving tourists a reason to visit each. Discussion is needed to explore alternative craft opportunities, how they could help communities, and how to market them.

Roles for Memorial University:

Organize a workshop that brings together crafts people on the Great Northern Peninsula to discus the opportunities for alternative crafts in their areas and how focusing on them would benefit their communities.

Create a marketing plan for these alternative crafts.

Partnering Organization(s)
Lead: Joan Simmonds

Joan Simmonds (709) 622-3500

St. Anthony - Port au Choix
Corner Brook - Rocky Harbour
Zone 6 - Nordic
Zone 7 - Red Ochre
Zone 8 - Humber

Industry Sectors
Tourism (Public administration — Provincial and territorial public administration — Other provincial and territorial public administration)
Tourism (Public administration — Local, municipal and regional public administration — Other local, municipal and regional public administration)

Thematic Categories
Community Development
Rural Development

Faculty of Business Administration (STJ)
Tourism Studies, Division of Social Science (GC)