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Got Ideas? We can help.

Have you got an idea for a project that could use some help from Memorial? Follow these steps to enter it as an opportunity in Yaffle, Memorial's online engagement tool.

Once your idea is received, we'll see if anyone at Memorial is interested in taking it on. Ready?

  1. A user account is required so we can verify who you are and contact you if we find someone to tackle your idea. We use MUN Login, a service which allows access to a variety of Memorial's online tools.

  2. Once you've created your account, check your email, and look for a confirmation message to confirm your user account. The confirmation link in the email will bring you back to the login page, at which time you can enter your username (this is the full email address you just signed up with) and password.

  3. The login window will bring you back to Yaffle, and prompt you to confirm your name and location, and agree to the privacy statement; if this page doesn't appear, click here

  4. If you're now on the My Account page, congratulations! You're now ready to submit an Opportunity, which we define as a suggestion, request or idea for work that can be done by Memorial University.

  5. Click on the Opportunities link to go to your Opportunities page, then click Add Opportunity to get started. If you're lost, click here to go directly to the Add Opportunity form.

    An Opportunity is easy to complete! We require four important pieces of information:

    • Title - Something eye catching and interesting that describes your idea and that will help you get noticed!

    • Description - Give us your best elevator pitch for this project! What is the basic idea? Do you or your community have a particular need that can be met by Memorial? What are your goals for the project?

    • Contact - For an opportunity to be approved, we need a project champion that will help us broker your opportunity. Ideally, it will be you, but if you've discussed the opportunity with someone else who has agreed to act as the project champion, that's fine too. Just remember to include all the details, including name, email address, and phone number.

    • Location - Let us know where this project would take place and what area it would impact, particularly if there are specific local needs or requirements that would require travel. Many Memorial researchers are looking for opportunities to explore Newfoundland and Labrador, so list all that are relevant.

  6. Click the Add Opportunity button - your Opportunity should now appear in your list. If you're ready to submit it for approval, click the link that appears in the yellow information box.

You're done! If you've come across any issues along the way, feel free to contact us at or (709) 864-3576 and we'll help you out.