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Networks for Business Innovation (Corner Brook)

Lead Researcher and Department
Jose Lam, Business, Grenfell Campus, Memorial University

Collaborators and Students
Ken Carter, Rural Secretariat
Ivan Emke, Office of Research, Grenfell Campus, Memorial University
Keith Goulding, Corner Brook Board of Trade
R.J. Locke, City of Corner Brook
Marion McCahon, Rural Secretariat
Louise McGillis, Library, Grenfell Campus, Memorial University
Sharon McLennon, Office of Applied Research & Innovation, College of the North Atlantic
Kelly Vodden, Department of Geography, Memorial University

Funding Resources
Applied Research Fund, Harris Centre, Memorial University

Corner Brook is in transition, moving the focus of economic development to the knowledge-based economy to develop a more vibrant, diversified and healthy city. This shift requires more action oriented activities, greater collaboration between university, government and business, greater communication across groups and by building and supporting innovation networks and external connections. Innovation is grounded in networks.

The focus of this project is to is to assess the rural innovation system (adapted cluster work for rural and small regions) in the city of Corner Brook. Using interviews and surveys to investigate who people talk to and work with, the study will map out the connections and networks and to use that information to bring these players together to further develop social and economic innovation in our city and region.


Networks, Innovation, Regional Development, Knowledge Mobilization, CU Expo 2013

Corner Brook
Corner Brook - Rocky Harbour
Zone 8 - Humber

Industry Sectors
Social science research and development (Professional, scientific and technical services — Scientific research and development services — Research and development in the social sciences and humanities)

Thematic Categories
Community Development
Rural Development
Regional Development
Social Science Research
Municipal (Public Administration)
Knowledge Mobilization
Economic Development

Business, Division of Social Science (GC)
Research Office (GC)
Ferriss Hodgett Library (GC)
Geography, Faculty of Arts (STJ)
Harris Centre (STJ)