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Cultivating Tourism Mobility on the Burin Peninsula

Lead Researcher and Department
Dr. Mark C.J. Stoddart, Sociology

Collaborators and Students
Paula Graham, PhD Student, Sociolgy

Funding Resources
The Office of the Provost and Vice President (Academic) Scholarship in the Arts Fund, Memorial University

This research project examines tourism mobility on the Burin peninsula. It is centred on three questions which draw from themes that emerged from a Harris Centre Regional Workshop, held in Marystown in November, 2012. First, what is the potential for tourism development to serve as social enterprise, in order to increase the economic and social benefits of tourism for the region? Second, how can communities on the Burin better develop tourism anchors to increase the flow of visitors to the region? Third, what are the main barriers to tourism development on the Burin peninsula?

The final report is available at:

May-August 2013

tourism, resilience, sustainability, community development

Burin Peninsula

Industry Sectors
Tourism (Public administration — Local, municipal and regional public administration — Other local, municipal and regional public administration)

Thematic Categories
Tourism and Recreation
Arts, Culture & Heritage
Newfoundland Studies

Sociology, Faculty of Arts (STJ)