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by Maura Hanrahan


Indigenising the Academy: The Memorial University of Newfoundland Multi Campus Experience

Lead Researcher and Department
Maura Hanrahan, Special Adviser to the President for Aboriginal Affairs

Collaborators and Students
Kirk Anderson, Keith Goulding, Janine Lightfoot, Rainer Baehre

Presented at CU Expo 2013:

In 2009, Memorial University’s Presidential Task Force on Aboriginal Initiatives released its report containing 22 recommendations on academic programming, student support services, employment, and early intervention. The Innu, Nunatsiavut Inuit, Southern Inuit and Mi’kmaq of the province were represented on the Task Force along with faculty and senior administration. The team will present their efforts to Indigenize the Academy at Memorial University of Newfoundland, the Grenfell Campus, Elizabeth Street Campus, and the Faculty of Education, as well as celebrate the Qalipu process. In particular, we will speak to the legacy and more recent events in Memorial’s relationships with the Aboriginal peoples of the province with specific reference to the resurgence of the Mi’kmaq. For the purpose of the CU Expo proposal, we have provided a list of initiatives being implemented within what is a very challenging yet formative and dynamic context. The related presentation will provide a more robust portrayal and interpretation of the events and perspectives related to the concept of Indigenising the Academy.