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On the Move Partnership

Lead Researcher and Department
Dr. Barbara Neis, Department of Sociology

Collaborators and Students
Katherine Lippel, University of Ottawa; Michael Haan, University of New Brunswickl Greg Halseth, University of Northern British Columbia; Sara Dorow, University of Alberta; Stephanie Prernji, McMaster; Steven High, Concordia; Ivy Bourgeault, University of Ottawa; Lois Jackson, Dalhousie; Charles Adeyanju, University of Prince Edward Island; Nicole Power, Memorial; Kelly Vodden, Memorial; Kate Arnold, Memorial

Funding Resources
SafetyNet Centre for Occupational Health and Safety Research, SSHRC, NL Research Development Corporation, Canada Foundation for Innovation

Moving for work is not new, but it is changing.

All across the world a wide range of people move for work – women and men, citizens and temporary foreign workers, new workers and those near retirement. From hours-long daily commutes, to travel that takes workers away from home for days, weeks, months and even years; from cars and buses, to trains, ships and planes; from highly-paid top executive jobs, to minimum-wage service jobs; from natural resource dependent industry to natural wonder dependent tourism – the spectrum of employment-related geographical mobility (E-RGM) is dynamic and broad.

The On the Move Partnership is a 7-year national scale research study with international links, which will look comparatively at the spectrum of employment-related geographical mobility and its consequences for workers, families, employers, communities, and Canadian municipal, provincial and federal governments.

December 2012 -

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